Minutes of Duluth Yacht Club Board of Directors Meetings


Duluth Yacht Club

Board of Directors Meeting

Grandma’s Restaurant, Duluth, MN

October 9, 2017

In Attendance – Fred Dudderar, Keith Stauber, Nick Rorem, Matt Ruona, Eric Thomas, Jim Welinski, Steve Henry, Larry Mariette, Jeff Zervas, Monica Bertani

Call to order – 6:02 p

Secretary’s Report – Motion to approve September minutes 1st Keith Stauber, 2nd Matt Ruona. None opposed.

DSSA Funding Request – typically show $3500 in profit but there is currently a loss for the 2017 year due to unpaid receivables (approx. $3600 unpaid). Biggest costs are insurance, certifying instructors, paying instructors, and maintaining boats. More yacht club members are on the DSSA board, and the goal is to make the DSSA a “feeder” for yacht club sailors/members. Question of making a combination DYC/DSSA membership, increasing DYC rates to help fund DSSA costs? Motion to grant the request of the DSSA for $5000 1st Keith Stauber, 2nd Jeff Zervas. Friendly amendment to give the DSSA $3000 instead ($1500 from 2017, $1500 for 2018) with conditions to approve the additional requested $2000 based on future actions of the DSSA board. 1st Steve Henry 2nd Jim Welinski, Keith Stauber and Jeff Zervas opposed.

Treasurer’s Report – Shipping container is purchased and paid for. More Trans Superior and crew memberships have been added for September. Overall worth approx. $20,000 in cash at the end of the year (guesstimate) Motion to approve 1st Larry Marinette, 2nd Keith Stauber. None opposed.

Annual Meeting – set for next week. Will discuss financials and DSSA.

Tent CommitteeWinterization – Completed and stored in the container. Picnic tables are stored next to the container. Container Storage – completed at the club site.

Social Committee – Annual Banquet – 125 people RSVP’d so far. Awards - DYC Lifetime Service Award: Award is ordered, needs to be engraved. Membership Survey – 25 responses so far

Race Committee Report – Proposal for 2018 racing schedule is ready, will be reviewed and approved at future board meeting.

Membership Report – Doubled crew memberships, added 8 more student memberships. Average of 5 people per racing boat have paid memberships for 2017.

Club House – The “242” club is having a Christmas party at Barker’s December 1st and they’ve invited the yacht club, DSSA, boat club, power squadron, etc.

Adjourned – 7:39p


Duluth Yacht Club

Board of Directors Meeting

Grandma’s Restaurant, Duluth, MN

September 11, 2017

In Attendance – Fred Dudderar, Keith Stauber, Nick Rorem, Matt Ruona, John Hoenig, David Turnham, Jim Welinski, Steve Henry, Krister Mattson, Jeff Zervas, David Johnson, Larry Mariette, Monica Bertani

Call to order – 6:04 p

Secretary’s Report – Motion to approve August minutes 1st Keith Stauber, 2nd Steve Henry. None opposed.

Treasurer’s Report – Income and expenses have been entered for social committee. Expenses include cost of food for socials. Overall social committee is showing a positive income for the club. Trans Superior account has also been updated in the balance sheet. Motion to approve 1st Larry Marinette, 2nd Keith Stauber. None opposed.

Annual Meeting – 7p on Wednesday before banquet at Quarterback Lounge at Grandma’s Sports Garden. Jim – have report ready for all of 2016 as well as YTD for 2017. Request for $3500 for DSSA to fund training camps (need clarification if this is in addition to the request for $1500 for new sails); presentation by the DSSA is recommended. Election of new officers.

Tent CommitteeWinterization – storage container delivered Wednesday 9/13/17. Suggestion for next year is to prep the site and make sure tent is appropriately set up (straps). Number corners, separate roof from sides. Need to get the word out for 9/17/17 to take down tent (8-10 people needed). Action item - Take pictures of tent before it is taken down for potential sale in 2018.

Social Committee – Annual Banquet - Invites should arrive by 9/15/17. Cost is down for attendance. Need help for auction items – push members for experiences rather than baskets. Trophies need to be collected. Encourage people to RSVP early due to limited capacity. Survey – social committee would like to contribute questions regarding membership. Guest Speaker – Invite TBYC.

Race Committee Report – Intention is to publish a similar schedule for 2018. Proposal to allow “skipper’s choice” for weekend races (skipper chooses clockwise or counterclockwise course); tabled for winter. Committee Boat – will need new throttle and most likely new batteries. Proposal to use a second boat for a signal boat, but it means sending A fleet and B fleet out every night regardless of conditions; tabled for winter. Trans Superior – review trophies over the winter.

New Board Members and Officers – Nominations include: Dave Johnson for Vice Commodore; Bill Snellman from Strawman, Heidi Hawker from Wind Walker, and Justin Aulie from Polar Bear.

Awards - DYC Lifetime Service Award: Not annual, keeper trophy. Fred nominates Nelson Thomas. Motion to approve 1st Larry Mariette, 2nd Jeff Zervas, 3rd David Turnham. None opposed. Keith nominates Bill Martin for a trophy for all his promotion of the Trans Superior. Motion to approve 1st David Johnson 2nd Matt Ruona. None opposed.

Membership Report – Added new members at the end of the year for racing. Over the winter need to discuss adding boats part-way through a season.

Club House – Boat Club approved the storage container as long as it was a neutral color. Seriously considering a pavilion for 2018 in order to make substantial progress on the 13th St property. Walls are a priority.

Adjourned – 7:44 p Motion Steve Henry, 2nd Matt Ruona


Duluth Yacht Club

Board of Directors Meeting

13th Street Tent, Park Point, Duluth, MN

August 14, 2017

In Attendance – Fred Dudderar, Keith Stauber, Nick Rorem, Matt Ruona, John Hoenig, David Turnham, Jim Welinski, Steve Henry, Amy Marincel, Mike Myers, Monica Bertani

Call to order – 5:59 p

Secretary’s Report – June and July meeting minutes available. Motion to approve June minutes 1st Keith Stauber, 2nd Steve Henry. None opposed. Motion to approve July minutes 1st Keith Stauber, 2nd Steve Henry. None opposed.

Treasurer’s Report – Generally been seeing an increase in income for the club. Expenses have been standard. There seem to be missing expenses for the Shipwreck Regatta (food, t-shirts, RC boat). Ben Stauber and Steve Henry will have a meeting to finalize the budget for this race. Final numbers for the Trans Superior have not been entered yet. Motion to approve 1st David Turnham, 2nd Keith Stauber. None opposed.

New Board Members and Officers - Nomination committee is in place (John Hoenig chair). Come up with names and email suggestions to John. Steve Henry accepts the challenge for commodore next year. Committee should focus on three new board members and a Vice Commodore. Will follow up at the September board meeting. Also need to find someone to manage the DYC website.

Social CommitteeAnnual Meeting: will need to find a meeting location for the Wednesday before the DYC Banquet. 7-10p. Socials: Consider getting a container at the 13th St property for improved organization of social equipment.

Race Committee Report – Trans Superior Update: generally a success, good events in Sault Ste Marie, “fabulous” awards ceremony at the tent. ORR class was seemingly a success. Duluth offshores: Try to encourage participation in Knife River and Port Wing races.

Club Merchandise – Logo work is complete and has been promoted. Should order new burgees.

Membership Report – 215 members altogether. 68 crewmembers paid this year. 47 family memberships with a total of 100 individuals within those family memberships.

Club House – No development in terms of 501C3 or the feasibility study. Temporary use permit for the tent will not be available for application for 2018. There is a degree of uncertainty as far as being able to legally erect the tent as well as keep storage on the property. Motion to approve purchase of a 20’ storage container for DYC property (spending up to $2500) 1st Matt Ruona 2nd Steve Henry. Action item: Consult with Boat Club in terms of adding storage container to property. None opposed.

New Business – Possibility of developing the boat club site to make it friendlier for smaller boats. Jim Welinski states with a $3000 budget he could place a ramp and a dock at the site. Fred said this is tabled until winter. / Tent take-down is the Sunday after Fray in the Bay (September 17th).
Hoping to ask Steve Schick to lead the charge due to his prior experience with the tent setup.

Adjourned – 6:53 pm



Duluth Yacht Club

Board of Directors Meeting

13th Street Tent, Park Point, Duluth, MN

July 10, 2017

In Attendance – Fred Dudderar, Keith Stauber, Nick Rorem, Matt Ruona, Jeff Zervas, Krister Mattson, Kelly Hoenig, David Turnham, Jim Welinski, Steve Henry, Monica Bertani

Call to order – 6:04 p

Secretary’s Report – June minutes not available at this time. Monica will print off and bring to August meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Trans Superior is generating good income. There were unknown cash deposits received. Try to give recognition to those that donated for tables. Presently lacking in family memberships, but this number could be different based on people who registered in 2016 for the 2017 members. No money from J/24 regatta has been documented, this should be included in our profit/loss statement. Motion to approve 1st Keith Stauber, 2nd Matt Ruona

Social Committee – Amy is handling details for Anchorage Party. Krister will look into plaques for those who donated picnic tables. Socials have generally been costing less than $200.

Trans Superior Update – 42 entries, 7 unpaid. SIs published, YB tracking ready to go, flags ordered, merchandise net $198. Need to publish cruising SIs, obtain special trophies, assemble skipper handbook. Need help with coordinating docks at MN slip and coordinating the awards party at the tent. Fred will e-mail MN slip members for dock availability. Talk to Chris Jutenen for Palucci wall. Social committee willing to help with awards party.

Club Merchandise – only a few items left from the pre-order. Jim would like to see extra J/24 sail bags donated to the DYC Merchandise. There have been requests for Sili-Pints (may see these for the Trans or may become the ‘coveted red hat’ of Duluth). Bulk orders through Canal Park Liquor will receive a discount with pre-planning.

Membership Report – no update on numbers. Continuing to enforce paying members receiving social benefits.

Club House – Follow up with vendor re: sagging parts of tent as well as some holes at the top. Lease is still in process. Bob Oulette will follow up re: site permissions (i.e. container for storage).

Adjourned – 7:02 p


Duluth Yacht Club

Board of Directors Meeting

13th Street Tent, Park Point, Duluth, MN

June 12, 2017

Attending: F. Dudderar, D. Johnson, M. Ruona,N. Rorem (aka Tent Manager),L. Mariette, K. Stauber, K. Mattson, M. Bertani, J. Welinski, S. Henry, C. Zervas, J. Zervas

Absent: S. Schick, A. Marincel, S. McKenzie, T. Traynor, D. Turnham

F. Dudderar called the meeting to order at 6:02pm.

Secretary’s Report. March minutes approved by K. Stauber, 2nd F. Dudderar. None opposed.

Treasurer’s Report. Seeing more income from membership. Trans race fees are coming in. Added “Tent Site Donations” line item (picnic tables, etc). Approved K. Stauber 1st, L. Mariette 2nd. None opposed.

Race Committee Report/Trans Update. Up to 34-36 entries. Soo marina is reaching out to competitors; Duluth is ensuring dock space locally. Merchandise website is up.

Social Committee. Look for beer donor for socials; consider putting out donation bucket at socials. Keg will be difficult to provide at socials due to variable attendance numbers. Socials to date have covered cost with a little extra. Need to release dates for class socials.

Membership. S. Henry and D. Johnson gave an update on current 2017 memberships to date – 197 memberships total

Club Merchandise and Logo. Have registration and gear table available at socials. Kelly still working with Big Frog on website and additional inventory.

Club House/Tent. In search of a Tent Manager for collecting and managing tent-related items; lawn mowing, tent management; as well as tent rental/scheduling in the future. Nick Rorem nominated for this position; told to contact Mike Browne. Consider looking for donor for garbage receptacle. Discussing gate with boat club and city. City permit does not allow gate, but one way around this is to ensure the gate is open during the day but closed at night. S. Schick has chain and padlocks that he is willing to donate to the club. F. Dudderar recommends posting signs around the tent perimeter to encourage respectful use of the tent/13th St property. Action Items: Fred – signage. Steve Schick – barrier. Jim – purchase recycling container

Other Business. Tent Insurance – make declaration of tent on club insurance (D. Turnahm)
J/24 Regatta: No one registered online so far. Chase boat is secured. B. Stauber is handling registration – registration is reportedly up to 18 boats. Logistics are complete. Merchandise is unknown at this point due to variability of registration. Need to have SIs posted. Submit expenses to Jim in order to obtain reimbursement.

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 pm.



Duluth Yacht Club

Board of Directors Meeting

Grandma’s Restaurant, Duluth, MN

May 8, 2017

Attending: F. Dudderar, D. Johnson, B. Stauber,N. Rorem,L. Mariette, K. Stauber, S. Henry, D. Turnham, K. Mattson, M. Myers, M. Bertani, J. Hoenig, J. Welinski

Absent: J. Zervas, S. Schick, A. Marincel, S. McKenzie, M. Ruona, T. Traynor

F. Dudderar called the meeting to order at 6:04pm.

Secretary’s Report. March minutes approved by K. Stauber, 2nd F. Dudderar. None opposed.

Treasurer’s Report. Tent expense has been moved. Motion to approve financial statement: 1st K. Stauber, 2nd D. Turnham. None opposed.

 Race Committee Report/Trans Update. There will be 3 certified race officials in the club. Trans Merchandise pre-order ready within the next week. PHRF update: Race committee agreed one sail roller furling = +6, to be able to change headsails will be a +3 to the certificate.

 Social Committee. Good attendance at Ship Shape party, including members that haven’t attended other social events. New Ship Shape location may be a good venue for other events in the future. Social committee has been working on securing sponsors for socials – have succeeded in obtaining a double gold sponsor commitment from Bent Paddle (8 races total). Issues are the non-profit status trying to be used through the Boat Club, as well as obtaining and using a caterer’s license through Lake Ave in order to be able to distribute beer at the tent. Flag for sponsors is estimated at $250 for one side. Tent Raising Party June 10th 8 am. Action Items: follow up with Laura re: charitable donation vs business expense; develop map of 13th St property for tent location; reach out to membership for grills, boat-sponsored picnic tables (*J. Welinski volunteers to be tent/picnic table champion), tent decorations, generators, etc; release dates of class-sponsored socials

 Membership. S. Henry gave an update on current 2017 memberships to date. 
Club Merchandise and Logo. New logo is developed and shirts are for sale. Kelly Hoenig is developing online store with Big Frog. Plan is to sell merchandise at socials.

 Club House/Tent. Temporary Use Permit: wrong dates listed. Be sure to make friends with neighbors of the property instead of annoying them. Club House: In process of completing brochure to send to donors. Lease: re-negotiating after feasibility study is completed.

Other Business. May 13th Skipper’s Meeting: No additional speakers to add to the agenda.
J/24 Regatta: Merchandise/marketing will need access to Square account; registration will need access to ZapEvents. Clayton will be in touch re: budget (starting at $2000). Looking for chase boat. Motion to amend budget to fund $2000 for this regatta with understanding that profits go back to the club: 1st S. Henry, 2nd K. Stauber, none opposed. Action Items: Create event online, send NORs

Safety Plan: Develop an emergency plan to designate specific emergency procedures and individuals.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53pm.






March 13, 2017

Grandmas' Sand Bar

Attending: F. Dudderar, J. Welinski, D. Johnson, N. Rorem, L. Mariette, K. Stauber, S. Henry, D. Turnham, A. Marincel, J. Hoenig, M. Myers, M. Bertani

Absent: J. Zervas, S. Schick, M. Ruona, T. Traynor, K. Mattson

F. Dudderar called the meeting to order at 6:06pm.

  1. Secretary’s Report. February meeting minutes were not available to review at this time. F. Dudderar will email these to the board by tomorrow. No action taken.
  2. Treasurer’s Report. J. Welinski presented the February 2017 financial statement and balance sheet of the club for review as well as year to date budget analysis. Club merchandise budget is unknown at this time but should considered being added to the club expense budget. Plan is to use 2015 budget for 2017 Trans Superior. No action taken.
  3. Race Committee Report. D. Johnson gave a report primarily updating the board on the status of the Trans Superior including publication of documents and number of boats registered. There was a discussion about the need to require life rafts for this race. F. Dudderar states that our stance should be objective. Further discussion and action deferred until April meeting. No action taken.
  4. Social Committee. A. Marincel provided the social committee update for this month. There was question if the amount of the 2016 year-end gala/social committee budget would be available for the 2017 season. Anticipated budget is approx. $200 per Wednesday night (total is approximately $3400 for the season). Bent Paddle has agreed to donate beer for Wednesday night races and would like boats to fly flags representing their logo through the canal. J. Zervas is working with Lake Ave Café for a liquor permit. Social committee is also planning a fundraiser for Second Harvest Food Bank. Purchase of the tent for the 13th St. property was approved. A temporary use permit was received from the city for June 14 through September 14.
    Motion to approve social committee budget: 1st D. Turnham 2nd L. Mariette. None opposed.
  5. Membership. S. Henry gave an update on current 2017 memberships to date. Memberships continue to grow with each social event. J. Hoenig mentioned his endeavor to negotiate discounts/benefits for Duluth Yacht Club members at Canal Park businesses. No action taken.
  6. Education. Two upcoming education events this Spring, taking place at Barker’s Island. F. Dudderar discussed possibly filming the events so that an education video library can be started for new/young sailors. No action taken.
  7. Club House. L. Mariette verbally obtained the temporary use permit from the City of Duluth (June 14 – September 14) but it awaiting the hard copy in the mail. Larry was also told about two funds for grants that could be used in remodeling/adding a breakwall to the 13th St. property. The feasibility study is being further delayed by the free architecture resource working on the brochure. This should be re-initiated in about a month. No action taken.
  8. Other Business. The Vista Fleet has contacted the DYC about the potential of doing “race night cruises”. This is a developing plan that S. McKenzie and J. Hoenig are working on and are open to ideas for. There was also a suggestion for adding a “classifieds” section to the club newsletter.

 Meeting adjourn at 7:46pm.





Monday, February 13, 2017

Grandma’s Sand Bar - Canal Park,

Duluth, MN 55802

Attending: F. Dudderar, J. Welinski, D. Johnson, N. Rorem, L. Mariette, K. Stauber, S. Henry, D. Turnham,

J. Zervas, S. Schick; Absent: M. Bertani, M. Ruona, T. Traynor

F. Dudderar called the meeting to order at 6:05pm.

  1. Secretary Report. January Board meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve January meeting minutes (L. Mariette), seconded (J. Welinski), motion carried.
  2. Treasurer’s Report. J. Welinski presented the January 2017 financial statement and balance sheet of the club for review, along with the first draft of a 2017 proposed budget. Missing information for the budget included revenues and expense for the social committee, as well as a budget for the 2017 Tran Superior. Final 2017 budget to be reviewed and approved at the Board’s March meeting. No action taken.
  3. Race Committee Report. D. Johnson gave a report updating the work of the race committee, including and discussion of existing race entries and work on race documentation for the 2017 Trans Superior. No action taken.
  4. Social Committee. S. Schick reported on the work of the social committee and the planning of 2017 events. Upcoming events include DYC Bowling on March 14, 2017, at Incline Station in Duluth. The social committee is also tentatively planning on having each DKC fleet sponsor a Wednesday evening social during the summer, with the club subsidizing $200 of the cost of each social, and is also looking at securing a beer sponsor. This is all subject to the ability of the club to secure a temporary use permit from the City of Duluth permitting the location of a new tent at the 13th Street site. Final social committee plan and budget to be reviewed and approved at the March meeting after we know more about the potential tent site. No action taken.
  5. Membership. S. Henry gave an update on current 2017 memberships to date. Memberships are up for the year-to-date because of the hard work of the social committee and the social events already scheduled. No action taken.
  6. Club House. L. Mariette reported on the status of the temporary use permit to be issued by the City of Duluth allowing location of a new tent on the 13th street site for a period of 90 days during the coming summer season. It is likely that the City will proceed to issue that permit within the next 30 days. Mr. Mariette also reported that the Duluth Boat Club has had its 501(3)(c) tax exempt statues revoked by the IRS, and that the Boat Club Board members are frustrated by this development. No action taken.
  7. Other Business.

 Meeting adjourn at 7:35pm.





January 9, 2017

Green Mill

Called to order: 6:10

In attendance: Nick Rorem, Matt Ruona, Krister Mattson, Steve Schick, Steve Henry, Larry Mariette, Jim Welinski, Fred Dudderar, Stacy McKenzie, Jeff Zervas, David Turnham, Monica Bertani

I. Secretary’s Report: December meeting minutes will be e-mail with January’s. Motion to approve minutes by Larry Mariette. Second Steve Henry

II. Treasurer’s Report: race fees will be a separate line item for ZapEvents; budget for 2017 Summer Party and Fall Banquet will be calculated based off the actual expense for the 2016 events; Morgan Stanley account needs to be re-evaluated (Krister and David are designated “signers”); Motion to appoint current commodore and treasurer as designated “signers” on Morgan Stanley account 1st Fred 2nd Krister– unopposed. Motion to approve treasurer’s report 1st Steve 2nd Matt - unopposed.

III. Race Committee Report: Trans website is live. 14 total entries for the Trans so far.

IV. Education and Training: North U seminar being coordinated by Susan Turnham – March 18th is no longer a firm date. Mandatory skipper’s meeting this year? Possibility of combining this with another event (such as an educational event)?

V. Social Committee: Question about use of ZapEvents for social events (exg. using it for Yoga night yields fees and charges but it isn’t specified who is paying that). Krister questions if the club should stick solely with ZapEvents or adopt a model where we use ZapEvents and PayPal or Square in order to separate big ticket items (i.e. the banquet) from smaller social events (i.e. yoga night). Fred would like additional members to be trained in creating items in ZapEvents and would like to be consulted before these events are created. Answer: ZapEvents for “big ticket” items, PayPal for everything else.

VI. Membership Report: Jim proposes sending ‘invoices’ to previous members in order to instigate membership renewal. David and Susan will send e-mails to encourage re-enlisting in the club. New membership total up to 17 family, 8 individual, 7 crew.

VII. Clubhouse Report: Awaiting approval from City of Duluth to put tent on 13th St site. Possibly need a ‘special use permit’ for placement of tent on site. Larry is submitting paperwork to the city for review. Old lease says the city cannot interfere with free use of the site however Hank Martinson (city of Duluth) believes we need a permit due to alcohol consumption on site. Larry believes we should pursue the permit and use it as leverage for renewing the property lease (city doesn’t approve = no longer renewing lease). Duluth Boat Club board approved purchase of tent. Revised lease was sent to Hank Martinson, who said it would be reviewed after the holidays.

VIII. New Business: Any advertising leads for Leading Edge please inform David.

IX. Upcoming topics: Social committee budget

Motion to adjourn 7:17 pm: 1st Fred 2nd Monica – none opposed





December 12, 2016


Called to order: 6:01 pm

In attendance: Krister Mattson, David Turnham, Keith Stauber, Matt Ruona, Fred Dudderar, Amy Marincel, Stacy McKenzie, Nick Rorem, Steve Schick, Larry Mariette, Steve Henry, Jeff Zervas, Monica Bertani, Jim Welinski

November Meeting minutes: Motion to pass by Keith Stauber, 2nd David Turnham. None opposed.

Race Committee: intention to race in 2017. Race schedule and race fees posted to website

Social Committee:

Off-season events: Pickwick social produced 19 paid memberships with approx. 40-50 people in attendance; Yoga night is at Evolv ($5 for members, $10 non-members); Bingo = $1/card; Educational event is Rules Update by North at Blackwoods in Proctor March 18? àFred suggests recording seminars to make them more available to members.

-          Bingo, movie night, and yoga are all confirmed; dates can be put on the website/ Facebook/ newsletter

Large Events: Anchorage party – Steve Schick suggests donating profits to the Food Bank (they are able to give 7x the amount donated by the club)

Budget: Social committee requesting $375.00 with subsidies being provided for yoga and curling/bowling if the social committee ends up short for these events.

Motion to approve budget: Keith Stauber, 2nd Steve Henry. None opposed.

Wednesday night socials: Steve Schick proposing purchase of a tent for the 14th street property (All Seasons Tent Sales) used for multiple DKC/DYC events. Limitations are that it would have to be insured and there would still have to be a porta-potty obtained for the site. Fits 150 people sitting and has the potential to last 20 years. K. Stauber offers storage unit for grills etc.

J. Welinski offers a 24x24 garage that he is willing to contribute to the club - $5000 for a cement slab, $3000 for moving the garage. Limitations are 1) size 2) permission required from the city

Treasurer’s Report: Fall banquet income was mis-deposited in another category. Overall net surplus of approx. $1100 from banquet. 2017 memberships purchased in 2016 were listed as a “liability” on the recent print-out in order to prevent this income to be compared to the 2016 profit/loss and budget. Discrepancy between last month’s budget and the total this month is accounted for in reimbursements and insurance. Motion to approve: David Turnham. 2nd Keith Stauber. None opposed.

Tent: Provisional motion to approve purchase of a tent for the 14th St property (spending up to $7500 including tent and accessories, using this as fulfillment of $1500 donation to DSSA, subject to gaining consent for placement of tent on boat club property for 2017): Fred Dudderar, 2nd Larry Marinette. One opposed (J. Welinski)

J. Welinski points out that additional money will have to be put into the site in order to make it flat/stable for the placement of a tent. May be able to use Army Corp to prep site as practice. J. Welinski proposes a motion to invest in more secure fittings for the tent in the future.

Also need to determine how to manage renting out the tent in the future.

Membership: 35 members so far (11 family, 4 individual, 4 new crew). Krister Mattson proposes printing hard plastic cards for members for durability and longevity.

Free beer: Need logistics and budget figured out as well as insurance coverage

Clubhouse Report: Met with Mayor Larson – Larry feels they were ill-prepared and still desires a picture of a future clubhouse to provide people.

Adjourned: 7:40 pm

Duluth Keel Club Board Meeting 11/14/16

Grandma’s Sand Bar


I. Meeting called to order at: 6:04 PM

Members in attendance: David Turnham, Keith Stauber, Larry Mariette, Fred Dudderar, Steve Henry, Steve Schick, Stacy McKenzie, Amy Marincel, Nick Rorem, Matt Ruona, Jeff Zervas

II. Approval of Agenda: N/A

III. Approval of Minutes from 10/10/16: Motion to accept Keith Stauber, 2nd Larry Mariette. None opposed.

IV. Treasurer’s Report (F. Dudderar for J. Welinski)

- Possible discrepancy for summer party income vs summer party expenses as well a significant variance from the proposed budget. Needs review with treasurer’s books on hand.

- Responsibility of the board to determine membership and race fees for 2017 season, by December at the latest

- Per budget: making profit off membership, so general club consensus would be to not raise dues

- From a fundraising perspective, might want to start looking at logging time for providing free services to those that can’t afford memberships (exg. giving people sailboat rides on Wednesday nights)

- F. Dudderar, motion: No increase in 2017 race fees and membership fees. Approved by K. Stauber, 2nd by S. Henry. None opposed.

            - clarification by S. McKenzie, will this motion include early bird special. Yes

V. Race Committee Report (F. Dudderar for D. Johnson)

- Distributed copy of race schedule with errors corrected

- 4 Wednesdays in the summer series with final decision to have July 4th “Fun Race” per annual membership meeting

- No action needed in modifying schedule

VI. Social Committee Report (S. McKenzie/A. Marincel)

- Strategy is to grow membership and support a social structure that has been lacking in the club recently. Goal is to increase club satisfaction.

- Social Ideas:

December: Trivia night at Amity Coffee (free, will open specially for yacht club)

January: Bingo (free for members; $1 per card, $5 cover for non-members)

February: Movie night at Zeitgeist ($5 for non-members, free for members)

March: Bowling, possibly curling

Other ideas: Learn to Curl night, K. Stauber will look into this to help reduce cost ($25/head per S. Schick); Social at Spirit after ski league; Yoga night

- K. Stauber, Member meeting at Curling Club to assess workings of clubhouse facility

- F. Dudderar, asking for proposed schedule ready by December board meeting with costs attached

- 13th St Socials: goal is 3 socials at this location (one per season); NEEDS: tent (S. Schick proposes purchasing a tent)

- A. Marincel, considering banquet changes (venue change, possibly Greysolon; Friday night party; changing night of annual membership meeting). Need decision tonight in order to hold position at Greysolon for 2017.

- L. Mariette makes a motion to empower the social committee to make final decisions re: the banquet; 2nd by M. Ruona. None opposed

VII. Membership Report (S. Henry)

- Nothing to add

VIII. Club House Report (L. Mariette)

- Met one week ago with Rebecca, looking at doing interviews for the feasibility study in January; Meeting with mayor Nov 30 to present club numbers and discuss clubhouse/marina as well as find use for city money in furthering the project

- Jed Lahti (K. Stauber crew) working on picture of future clubhouse for no cost

- Lease will be e-mailed to all board members for review. L. Mariette proposes reviewing this at next meeting

- “We as an affiliate of the boat club, without financial responsibility, believe this lease aligns with what we need to do for the club”; Is the DYC/DKC interested in being a part of the 13th St property?

IX. Trans-Superior (S. Henry for K. Henry)

- Already have 9 entries

- Website is redirecting to yacht scoring for registration

Meeting Adjourned: 7:52 PM


Duluth Keel Club Meeting 10/10/16

Grandmas Sandbar

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, Keith Stauber, David Turnham, Amy Marincel, Fred Dudderar, David Johnson, John Hoenig, Larry Mariette, Ben Stauber.

Approval of Agenda - no new items

  1. Approval of Minutes - minutes from 9/12/16.
    1. 1.Motion to approve minutes - Keith Stauber, 2nd David Turnham
  2. Treasurers Report - Reviewed statements provided in Jim’s absence. Registration report for the banquet showed 54 reservations. Registrations close on Wednesday the 12th. Fred will send out another reminder. Discussion on placing financial statements on the website.
    1. A.Motion to approve Treasurer’s report - Larry Mariette, 2nd Keith Stauber.
  3. Race Committee - Had 36 races, 3 were canceled due to weather conditions. Philosophy this summer has been safety first. Commends John on his ability to set courses based on changing weather. J24 fleet has had the opportunity to do almost 40 races this season. New committee members, Dave has been nominated as chair again. Also nominated as Nordic Ski coach of the year, brings a lot of dedication caring and education to his role. Nick Rorem has been nominated, Art Johnson nominated as protest chair and he would like to get specific training from US sailing. Reviewed proposed 2017 race schedule, specifically, the 4th of July race (Wednesday night) is a fun race. Discussion on the purpose of the summer series and how it impacts scoring for those who race on their boats or others in other races (i.e. Race Week, Mac races, International etc.).
    1. 1.Motion to accept schedule as is, will leave scoring to the future board. - Larry Mariette, 2nd Amy Marincel. Opposed - Keith Stauber.

     Confirmed that we have nominations, as well as trophies turned in for updated awards.

4.Annual Meeting - Discussion on survey results for name change, change to name refers to the ability to pursue the DBA of “Duluth Yacht Club” if it becomes available. Add a sentence that states the board shall periodically poll the membership for its preference on the assumed name for the club.

5.Bylaws Changes - Reviewed proposed changes to bylaws. Need 25% of membership for a quorum.

6.Survey Monkey - Received results. Proposed to table the discussion to the next board for their input and planning. Reviewed some highlighted items.

7.Banquet - We have until Wednesday for people to register. We are having a Silent Auction, proceeds going to the yacht club. Will send out another reminder.

8.Nominations - Needed three board members and a secretary. Monica is our nomination for Secretary, board member nominations are Matt Ruona, Nick Rorem, and Jeff Zervais.

9.Clubhouse - Very close on working for the lease. Bob has been in touch with the city continuously. Our Fundraiser is in the process of doing the feasibility study. Keith has contacted the St. Louis Co commissioner regarding tax liabilities. Would like to have a chance to speak to the members in attendance of the banquet as they may not attend the meeting. Fred agrees that there should be a ten minute report at the annual meeting, will put up a display for those in attendance of the banquet.

10.Motion to Adjourn - David Turnham, 2nd Dave Johnson


Duluth Yacht Club Meeting 9/12/2016

Hanft Fride Law Board Room

Meeting called to order at 6:0pm. Members in attendance - Fred Dudderar, Stacy McKenzie, Keith Stauber, Jim Welinski, Dave Johnson, Jamie Kumbera, David Turnham, Larry Mariette,

  1. Approval of Minutes - minutes from 8/8/2016
    1. A.Motion to approve minutes - Keith Stauber, 2nd David Turnham.
  2. Treasurers Report - More activity this month from summer parties. J-24 class asked the club to front some money, $300, and in return we received back about $181. Discussed funding class socials, as the J-24 class asked for funding, yet A class paid for their own. Will discuss how we can handle these next year. Discussion on use of Pier B as a possible Trans site.
  3. Race Committee - Flags have been ordered and should be arriving, trophies are being collected. Discussion on name that should be on the trophies (keel vs. yacht). Will leave as is, there is already a mix of keel vs. yacht club. Trans superior needs a website built, Dave will talk with Fred, Kris Henry is ready and willing to get started planning. Would like to get race schedule done and ready for Annual Meeting, Dave would like to have winter time more free this year. Protest hearing may need some tweaking and will work on that. Thinks thing have gone well this year as far as racing goes, and they aired on the side of safety. Would like to propose that we reach out to bridge operators with gift cards thanking them for being so cooperative, will have to see if they are able to accept gifts as city employees. Would like to reach out to see what options may be to use the empty vista fleet building for temporary use. Dave will look into it. J24 event for next year it’s district championships and has a worlds berth, wondering if we would be able to move it to June, would be nice to separate it from the Trans to give people a break between labor intensive regattas. Will set this regatta as a priority and run our schedule around that. Would ask that budgets are set as soon as possible for putting together numbers for next year. Discussion on scoring, appendix A - number that show up vs. number that have signed up. Offshore, number that show up plus 1, Wednesday nights it’s number of boats registered plus 1.
  4. Annual Meeting - Nominating Committee - Discussion on board members and need to come up with some replacements. Fred will get committee to reach out for interest. By-laws will be addressed will look into name change and time in advance for possible name change.
  5. Social - Need to get details out for invitations, adding a dollar to the price would cover the Zapp events cost. Will have a band at a cost of about $600. Silent auction has been handled, but we need to make sure we get donations. Fred will send out a message asking for donations. Annual meeting will be at 10, Jamie will set up a room. Would like to propose an amendment to change the bylaws to use name Duluth Keel Club, but at board discretion may rebrand the name as fit.
  6. Membership report - No official report.
  7. Clubhouse Report - Working through details of the lease as well as the affiliate agreement. Discussed issues with portion of for profit space, as well as issues with “Jointly and Severally” language included. Fundraiser was at the last DBC board meeting, and will be at the next with more work for the DBC to do. Looking for a face to run our campaign, someone who knows a lot of people in town. Chuck Allen came to the meeting as a prospect, but declined to take the role. Felt we were too focused on sailing, we have started to reach out to the Power squadron as well to loop them back into the conversation. Had concerns with the need to raise 6 million dollars. Continuing to look for someone who would fit the role.
  8. New Business - Jim would like the board to increase the amount of money we donate to DSSA. Feels like it would be money well spent. Would like to have a presentation from them to discuss financials, numbers etc. Will continue to discuss.
  9. Motion to Adjourn - David Turnham, 2nd Dave Johnson.

Duluth Yacht Club Meeting 8/8/2016

Grandmas Sandbar

Meeting called to order at 6:0pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, Keith Stauber, Amy Marincel, Jim Welinski, Dave Johnson, Jamie Kumbera, Larry Mariette, Brian Shelton, Kelly Hoenig, Sarah Priest, Tracy Buege.

  1. Approval of Minutes - minutes from 7/11/2016
    1. A.Motion to approve minutes - Keith Stauber, 2nd Larry Mariette.
  2. Treasurers Report - Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet provided. 6 Transactions total for the month. May be reaching the end of our income from memberships, need to continue to push for crew memberships. Error from last month, Printing expenses were listed under office expenses, has been corrected for this month. Need to have a discussion regarding the laminating expenses for the leading edge next year.
    1. 1.Motion to Accept - Keith Stauber, 2nd Dave Johnson
  3. Race Committee - J24 Regatta: 5 Boats have officially signed up, have heard of up to 9 boats planning to sign up. Need to put together a protest committee. Will have a nearshore race as well with a plan to end near the Superior Entry so that there is easy access to Barkers for the Gala. Membership Gala: Will see what we can put together in the next few days, may not be as grand, but Fred will send out an e-mail reminder. Jamie will send out an e-mail to the board communicating what the plan is and what needs to be done.
  4. Social - October 15th has been confirmed for Northland Country Club. Class Socials - A Class has rescheduled for end of August at Pier B. C class is struggling with planning due to availability and logistics of where boats are located.
  5. Membership report - No official report. Make sure we push the gala for social members, remind owners to encourage crew to sign up.
  6. Clubhouse Report - Boat club is meeting with the selected fundraiser, Rebecca Jorgenson-Sundquist, on August 15th. She will be doing the Feasibility study to see what the outlook of our project is after holding the interviews. Need input on potential people to interview. Please let Larry know as Rebecca will be interviewing 30-40 people. This study will tell us first of all if this project is possible and if it is, is our scope to small or is it too big. The first half of Rebecca’s payment has come from DKC members. Concern over a divided approach with several entities. It was asked at the DBC meeting to have a member representative from each affiliate on the Duluth Keel Club Clubhouse Committee. It is felt that none of the funds from this project should be assumed to come from any affiliate budgets; it should be done by fundraising. Discussion on Subleasing, who can manage the water sports center etc. Cost to fundraise it as well as cost to operate is a big factor on a 50 year lease. Jim would like to put us in touch with the Lake City Yacht Club to see how they went about their project. Would like to have boat club minutes distributed to the Duluth Keel Club board. Stacy will facilitate that. Discussion on the split between DSSA and the Keel Club, and our relationship with them and if we should work more collaboratively with them.
  7. Website - Would like to hear more about what our members are doing when they race in other clubs races, whether that’s as crew, or the boat goes out. Please send information and stories to Fred to incorporate and promote that information on the website. Encourage others to do the same.
  8. Motion to Adjourn - Brian Shelton, 2nd Keith Stauber.


Duluth Yacht Club Meeting 7/11/2016

Grandmas Sand Bar

Meeting called to order at 6:02pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, Tim Traynor, Keith Stauber, Amy Marincel, Jim Welinski, Steve Henry, Kris Henry, Dave Johnson, Jamie Kumbera, Ben Stauber, Dave Wakefield, Nick Rorem.

  1. Approval of Minutes - minutes from 6/13/2016
    1. Motion to approve minutes - Keith Stauber, 2nd Tim Traynor.
  2. Treasurers Report - Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet provided. Some income from race fees that was expected. Bill received from Barkers for the Committee boat. Memberships are down, will make an announcement to remind people on boats to join when the announcements for socials happen each Wednesday night.
    1. Motion to Accept - David Turnham, 2nd Keith Stauber
  3. Race Committee - Duluth Regatta: Saturday fundraiser for DSSA is not going to happen due to the fact we weren’t able to secure a location. Sunday should be decided by the board, Jim didn’t feel comfortable making the call on a race course. Sunday will be a modified triangle race depending on wind. Saturday will consist of a beach party and overnight anchorage benefit for Mark Shevchik. Rating Certificate Update: Have the majority of certificates turned in. Database will be added to the website for transparency. J24 Regatta: Jamie is working on the NOR, should be ready tomorrow. There is no budget for the regatta, needs funds for merchandise, awards etc. Fred would like them to come up with their own budget and he will then circulate it for board approval. Need host families for approximately 6 boats and 4 ppl per boat. J24 Start: Met with RC and have decided to have their own start and be scored separately. DKC race during race week/Midsummer series: DJ is looking for peoples thoughts, will revisit in the fall.
  4. Club Transition - We create a survey to send out early September to get people’s thoughts on the name change before the General Member meeting in October.
  5. Social - Have moved around. Next week we will be at the boat site with a food truck, following weeks we will rotate responsibilities between classes. Banquet is going to be at Northland Country Club the third Saturday of October. Will try to push skippers/crew to donate baskets.
  6. Membership report - Boat owners need to get crew to sign up.
  7. Clubhouse Report - DBC has selected a fundraiser. She will do a feasibility study at a cost of $11,000. Will conduct approximately 40 interviews, where she will discuss plans etc. to get reactions from potential donors to gauge interest and ability for our project before we get started on a larger scale. Having discussion on what the Keel Club’s role will be and how that will affect lease details that are still in discussion. Are looking at several options to get designs in place and get some of the work done. Will need help in funding the study, would be good to prove as a club that we believe in the project. There are some concerns regarding our ability to run this facility on volunteer hours, as well as potential tax liabilities if we are the tenants. Discussion on potential future uses, as well as issues on funding and operating including issues with potential revenue earning liabilities. Discussed looking at putting in a morning field in the meantime before there are funds for a full-fledged marina.
  8. Motion to Adjourn - Keith Stauber, 2nd Amy Marincel.


Duluth Keel Club Meeting 6/13/16

Green Mill

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, Steve Henry, Keith Stauber, David Turnham, Amy Marincel, Tim Traynor, Fred Dudderar, David Johnson, Terry Anderson, Heidi Halker, Larry Mariette, Jeremy Laundergan, Paul Danielson, Brian Shelton.

Approval of Agenda - no new items

  1. Approval of Minutes - minutes from 5/9/16.
    1. A.Motion to approve minutes - Keith Stauber, 2nd Steve Henry
  2. Treasurers Report - Fred presented report in Jim’s absence. Provided P&L, Balance Sheet and ZapEvent financial report. Attempting to save some money by having member packets available at Barkers Island instead of mailing them, cost is about $2.60 each to mail.
    1. A.Motion to approve Treasurers Report - David Johnson, 2nd Keith Stauber.
      1. A.David will follow up with Jim to verify Insurance has been paid.
  3. Race Committee - PHRF certificates received from about 50% of people who were registered for racing, and of that 50% had deficiencies. If you already have a one-design measurement or a LMPHRF certificate all that is needed is to fill out the top sheet and attach your existing class measurements/certificate. Will be creating an online database so that there is transparency within the club on what boats have declared. Boats that do not turn in certificates will begin to receive penalties 7/1/16. J24 Racing has had a lot of e-mails going back and forth. Would like the J24’s to come together and speak with a unified voice. DJ would like to have a separate J24 start and class. Steve has reached out to the class recently, most don’t want to be separated out until they have a more stable/strong fleet. The race committee is ready to fully support whatever the J24 fleet wants. Will remain with C-Class through the spring, may be revisiting again in July. Pending rating appeal - DJ will meet with some people to review. Duluth Regatta - Jim is working with Jim Sharrow and is confident in being able to secure the space between grandmas and the aquarium. Still need NOR and SI’s still need to be put up. Sponsors haven’t been secured, no advertising has taken place. Only a month out. Regardless of the Regatta happening, there will still be a Saturday night social benefiting Chevy. Duluth to Bayfield - boats should only have to pay our $50 fee is they want to be scored for a DKC trophy. Overall sense of races - long mark first worked much better than having to hit the short mark. Overall positive.
  4. Club Transition - Has not received anything from our logo guy, at this point will just wait until fall when we send out our survey.
  5. Social - There has been communication trying to get things together to be able to hold socials at the 13th st site. Should look at getting back to the class-sponsored socials. Request for social committee to look into Old Chicago. Another request to support Grandmas from time to time because they have given a lot to the club with the Trans etc.
  6. Membership - currently at approx 150 members. Member lists and race fees have been posted online. Crew Board has been utilized, but unsure if people are getting picked up by boats. Keith is getting inundated with crew, and would like an outlet where he can send some of the crew.
  7. Clubhouse - Have received the most recent draft lease this morning, and it appears to meet the boat clubs expectations. Major main points that affect the club - they have agreed to a 50 year lease, no lease fees, the city will own the building because they have to. In the lease it states that the city would act as our fiscal agent to accept funds on behalf of the state/federal government but they won’t necessarily advocate for it. We will be held harmless for environmental issues that occurred before we were there. Larry would like to have a clubhouse committee meeting and would like to invite Brian and Fred to review the lease and provide comment. Will be having another interview with a fundraiser, and she is satisfactory and the final details of the lease go through we will need to be ready to hit the ground running with fundraising. Emily Larson would like to get out on a boat for a Wednesday night race.
  8. Motion to Adjourn - Dave Johnson, 2nd Keith Stauber


Duluth Yacht Club Meeting 5/9/2016

Green Mill

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, John Hoenig, Tim Traynor, Keith Stauber, Larry Mariette, Amy Marincel, Jim Welinski, Steve Henry, Brian Shelton, Heidi Halker, Dave Johnson.

  1. Approval of Minutes - minutes from 4/11/2016
    1. A.Motion to approve minutes - Keith Stauber, 2nd Brian Shelton.
  2. Treasurers Report - Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet provided. Two big items were slip fees and DSSA donation. Profit and Loss Budget Analysis provided as well. DKC Tax exempt filing status is in process with Fred. Accounting for Zapp events takes a lot of effort to sort out what is what, no details as far as what the transactions are, just how many there are. Will look into options for that. Asked to give any feedback or suggestions to Alex from Zapp events.
  3. Race Committee - Duluth Regatta - Saturday is the DSSA fundraiser, harbor regatta/rally. Saturday night is going to be the club anchor-out at the Superior break wall. Need to be sure to promote it amongst members. Sunday would be a more formal race, dubbed the Park Point 90 covering 90% of the loop around park point. Cut off for the race is 4pm so that we can have a get-together at Pier B. Separate cruisers class, with more relaxed rules. Proceeds from Sunday’s race will be towards families fighting cancer. Lots of details to still iron out. Paid Race Fees: We currently have 14 race entries paid. Some PHRF certificates have been trickling in, many have received some feedback, if anyone has questions or concerns, they should contact Dave or Jeremy directly as they are happy to work with anyone. J24 class can turn in their class certificate. Ask that if anyone hears questions that they pass those numbers on to the Race committee to address issues. Question if we could have those who don’t have certificates automatically go into a cruising class. Will need to discuss further. Reminder to renew US Sailing memberships through the MVP Partner program. Obligatory Skippers Meeting: Meeting and potluck. People should bring their cell phones.
  4. Club Transition - Amy pursued the $50 guy for his 3 logos, hasn’t received anything from him and he hasn’t responded to follow-up e-mails. Will continue to follow up with him. Consensus seems to be that we don’t want to invest too much financially until we have a for sure decision on the club name.  
  5. Membership report - Hoping to get members signing up at the meeting on Saturday. Have received some e-mails with some issues signing up. Working through those issues.
  6. Website - Having a few issues with uploading SailWave to website, as it’s an older technology. Jill is working on that issue now. Should work to utilize the website to share sailing with the community as much as possible.
  7. Clubhouse Report - Hank Martinson came to the last DBC meeting to discuss where things were at. Received a first draft and the executive committee and Larry met last Monday to review the lease, still reviewing some changes, may have been sent back to Hank today. Has been movement with the city finally, which is a good thing. Major standstill was the discovery that the DSSA site was on LAWCON land.
  8. Motion to Adjourn at 7:05p - Dave Johnson, 2nd Jim Welinski.


Duluth Keel Club Meeting 4/11/2016

Green Mill

Meeting called to order at 6:06 pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, John Hoenig, David Turnham, Fred Dudderar, Tim Traynor, Keith Stauber, Larry Mariette, Amy Marincel, Terry Anderson, Steve Henry, Brian Shelton.

1.Approval of Agenda - no new items

2.Approval of Minutes - minutes from 3/14/2016

  1. A.Motion to approve minutes - Amy Marincel, 2nd David Turnham.

3.Treasurers Report - Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet provided in Jim’s absence.

4.Race Committee - Meeting for Duluth Regatta occurred, update provided. Will be held July 15-16. Mostly likely location will be Pier B, have to take a trip there to get a better idea of boat access. Saturday will be the fundraiser, take public out for a 30-45 minute ride for a donation. Would like to hold an event Saturday evening, still
need to figure out logistics. Sunday will be an open regatta - 2 classes, racing and open rally. Race fee could become an additional donation for DSSA. Looking for sponsors. Advertising - considering radio presence, Visit Duluth is interested in promoting. Need to meet with race committee to determine details for race. Pending Matters - need to come up with rules and regs for local rating process. Will take place at upcoming race committee meeting, please attend if able.

5.Club Transition - Was approved to spend up to $350 for logo ideas. Asked the $50 bid to come up with 3 logos before we spend the other $300. He should be providing those soon. Kelly has not purchased any of the gear she was approved to buy, pending the new logo decision. Weather seminar has been cancelled due to low reservations. Special Member meeting will still take place, however now at Barkers Island Clubhouse, 4:00-5:30p. Discussed reasons why there may not have been a strong interest, may look to hold something similar next year on a Trans year and see if it is any better received, possibly earlier in the year. May look at adding additional topics, all-day weather may have been daunting for some.

6.Social - Traveling happy hours are done. May look to feed off the Ski/sailing connection next winter, lots of members are already running ski teams, 10 teams of sailors this year, non-racers get together on Wednesday.

7.Membership report - We’ve got some members trickling in.

8.Website - Received first response on our crew board, spread the word that we have one, great way to get new people on the water. Fred would like to keep each posting up for at least 30 days. Promote it. Need to find ways to get cruisers away from the dock. Reviewed what Annapolis Yacht club is running, may be something to adopt here. Laid back races, separate classes. Tried doing clinics a couple years ago, but it didn’t produce the numbers. Need to continue to promote weekend nearshore races, discuss creating a member mentor program. Cruise to the party idea, hold a race and meet up for a social after, whether in a facility or beach.

9.Clubhouse Report - Not much new to report. Still waiting on movement from city on the lease.

10.Motion to Adjourn 7:04 - Larry Mariette, 2nd Brian Shelton.


Duluth Keel Club Meeting 3/14/16

Green Mill

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, Steve Henry, Keith Stauber, David Turnham, Amy Marincel, Jacob Worsfold, Sarah Priest, Paul Danielson, Brian Shelton, Jim Welinski, Fred Dudderar, David Johnson, Kelly Hoenig, John Hoenig, JT Hoenig, Tim Traynor, Larry Mariette, Fred Dudderar. Jim Sharrow, Dave Johnson, Jeremy Laundergan, Bob Boynton, Amy Brooks.

Approval of Agenda - no new items

1.Approval of Minutes - minutes from February meeting will be reviewed for approval at the April meeting.

2.Treasurers Report – No new expenses for the month. 23 members have paid 2016 membership dues.

  1. A.Motion to approve DKC Banking Resolution – Jim Welinski, 2nd Fred Dudderar.

Discussion – Purpose of the resolution is to update the authorized signers to comply with Wells Fargo and other institutions requirements. This is a routine matter which occurs with each change of leadership of the DKC Board. The authorized signers under this resolution would be Fred Dudderar CEO/Commodore and Jim Welinski CFO/Treasurer. Motion passed unanimously.

3.Race Committee - Reviewed PHRF ratings to determine the impact of the prior use of LMPHRF certificates on the local rating. It was determined that a small number of boats were negatively impacted.

  1. A.Motion that all boats which received any local DKC adjustment during 2014 or 2015 simply as a result of pulling a LMPHRF certificate shall have their ratings returned to the prior DKC rating except where doing so would result in a local rating which is not fair and competitive. – David Johnson, 2nd Fred Dudderar.

A review estimated that 4 or 5 boats incurred a 3-second penalty due to pulling a LMPHRF certificate in 2014-2015. Motion passed unanimously.

4.Social – Jim W provided an update on a DKC Sailing Rally/Regatta plan for the weekend of July 16-17. The concept involves a fun series of races on Saturday to raise funds to support the Duluth Superior Sailing Association (DSSA) and traditional buoy races on Sunday. It is envisioned that Saturday’s races would allow for non-sailors from the dock to come aboard the boats to get a taste of sailing and racing for a donation to DSSA. As with all activities, the boat owner is/would be responsible for the safety of crew and guests. Jim agreed to submit a budget and additional detail at the April meeting.

5.Membership - Transition from DYC - DKC. A 30 minute special meeting will be called for April 16th at the conclusion of the Weather Seminar. The sole topic of this meeting will be to update the membership on the transition from the DYC to the DKC. The Wind Forecasting workshop for sailors is scheduled on April 16 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The event will be held at Tycoon’s Ale House and Eatery. The cost is $50 for DKC members, $65 for non-members and $70 at the door. The presenter is Mark Thornton. Mark’s website is .

  1. A.Motion to approve $350 for up to 6 possible DKC logo designs – Fred Dudderar , 2nd Dave Johnson. Amy M had obtained two bids to assist the club with logo development. The first bid was for $300 to provide three rendering and the second was for $50 to provide three rendering as well. Motion passed unanimously.

6.Insurance Review – David T completed an insurance review and reported that the DKC has three policies due to limitations in each type of policy. First is an on the beach policy covering shore based activities, the second is a regatta policy covering race activities and the third is a boat policy covering the committee boat. The policy covers officer, executives, board members and certain named individuals in the course of their official duties. Each policy has a limit of $1,000,000.

7.New Business – We received a request from a club member to reiterate that the DKC is a sailing club staffed by volunteers. The member requested that sailors maintain their civility and treat each other with respect. The DSSA updated the DKC on their budget and the status of the combined efforts to develop a club house on Park Point. The DSSA budget is stable with little variation with program revenues primarily directed to teaching sailing to interested people. Activity data reports growth in the numbers of new sailors with youth classes and private/public school users driving the growth.

  1. A.Motion to approve DKC’s annual $1,500 contribution to the DSSA – David Turnham, 2nd Steve Henry. Discussion about contribution in kind versus cash and does this change the summer sailing rally focus. Motion passed unanimously.

8.Club House Committee – Larry reported that the process has slowed down with the City due to their internal processes. The committee continues to work with and encourage the City officials to move the process along.

9.Motion to Adjourn - Dave Johnson, 2nd Brian Shelton


Duluth Keel Club Meeting 2/8/16

Green Mill

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, Steve Henry, Keith Stauber, David Turnham, Amy Marincel, Brian Shelton, Jim Welinski, Fred Dudderar, David Johnson, Kelly Hoenig.

Approval of Agenda - no new items

1.  Approval of Minutes - minutes from 1/11/16. Stacy will send to Fred for placement on website upon approval.

   A.   Motion to approve minutes - Brian Shelton, 2nd Keith Stauber

2.  Treasurers Report - No expenses for the month. Reviewed proposed budget for 216. Fred and Jim went through information, reviewed in detail. Reminded about ways to save with committee boat, cover from Ship Shape for $600, and look at alternative winter storage options. Membership income may be a little high due to early bird pricing. Zap Events 5% fee. Could look to set a membership goal to increase expenses for socials etc., could also make the fundraising race for DSSA to save the $1500 for community program support.

    A. Motion to approve 2016 budget - David Johnson, 2nd Keith Stauber.

Discussion – Should try to find ways to increase our profits, $30 isn’t much of a cushion. Do we have Errors and Omissions coverage for the board? Given some protection from by-laws, not sure of the price, but feels that it is expensive, homeowners insurance may offer some coverage, but would have to look into it some more. David will look into our existing coverage.

3.  Race Committee - Reviewed PHRF ratings process as recommended by race committee. Reviewed the need for having a separate ratings committee from race committee, ratings committee should supersede race committee when it comes to ratings decisions. Needs to be separate to preserve the rules. Is there a conflict of interest? Keith feels so because he has seen it happen. Some feel it isn’t an issue, and we are limited in members who are willing and capable to volunteer. Need to educate members so they are equipped to be a part of the appeals panel. PHRF Certificate - would like to get this out as soon as possible so that if there are skippers who struggle with this we can assist before racing starts. Thought is for everyone to fill this out one time as a baseline, and only require a re-cert if changes are made. Mostly interested in a baseline, because we also have a performance based PHFR review in process. Ship Shape can measure sails at no cost.

    A. Motion to approve new and revised Ratings process and ratings certificate - David Turnham, 2nd Brian Shelton.

After reviewing PHRFs, felt there wasn’t a reason to change anyone’s rating from 2015. Need to write some rules and regs to support our process.

4.  Social - First one was a good turnout for a bad weather night, Spirit room appreciated us, would love to have us back. Got us some reserved seating for comedy at Dubhlinn at the end of the month. Have been advertising the Wind seminar to many local marinas and yacht clubs. Will put out flyers at the Duluth boat show and will reach out to DSSA, may look to put up a poster at Marine General. US Sailing puts on events, Kelly would like to put it on the calendar for next February, needs to plan in advance. Race management is one she is looking at. Merchandise - Big Frog, 80/20 split. Need 100 order (can be split into several items) would love to do the Trans as well. Would terminate coral reef. You could bring your own things in as they have logo. Will do an online store for us and we wouldn’t need to keep that merchandise in inventory.

  A.   Motion to authorize Kelly to spend up to $1000 for new merchandise (with thanks to Kelly for her work) - Dave Johnson, 2nd Stacy McKenzie

5.  Membership - Transition from DYC - DKC. Wants the opportunity to be transparent to our members on the switch. Will promote an open forum before the next meeting via newsletter, traveling happy hour etc. include unveiling of new logo. Steve will change twitter name, Need to combine Facebook group and page, no need to have 2. Steve with connect with Krister. Need to point yacht club website to keel club website.

6.  New Business - Fundraising race, would like to do a rally. Get sponsors to pay for this, brewery/distillery etc to set up a base camp. Want to have a tent for a social gathering spot, may have boats go out one at time or pair up, get friends/neighbors/relatives out to write a check to support, boats that aren’t participating pull up and hang out at tent (captains are DD’s) live music or Pandora running, Would like the money to go to DSSA. 4 jobs need to be filled, sailing/race director, social director for the tent, marketing/PR director (radio broadcast at the site, social media) logistics director, tent, DPB, coast guard etc. Can we couple this with the summer regatta? Saturday is a rally, Sunday would be racing? Will discuss and come up with a plan by March. February 17th, 60th birthday party for David Turnham at Clyde Iron 5-7.

7.  Motion to Adjourn - Dave Johnson, 2nd Brian Shelton


Duluth Keel Club Meeting 1/11/16

Grandmas Sand Bar

Meeting called to order at 6:04 pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, Steve Henry, Keith Stauber, Larry Mariette, Paul Buckley, Tom Rauschenfels, David Turnham, Terry Anderson, Heidi Halker, Amy Marincel, Brian Shelton, Allen Thomas, Jim Welinski, Fred Dudderar, Jeremy Laundergan, David Johnson.

  1. Approval of Minutes - minutes from 12/14/15.
    1. A.Motion to approve minutes - Keith Stauber 2nd Brian Shelton
  2. Treasurers Report - Handed out December P&L. Reviewed Budget Analysis, separated out Trans because it is only held every other year. Membership dues - Family Memberships 41, Individual 27, crew/social 48. Race fees brought in $11,890, which covers our race expenses. Lost money on our seminar, only $1,265 in income, cost nearly $2,500 in expenses. Need to decide if continue with this, and if so, at what caliber. Did analysis on discount for membership fees, not sure he supports the early bird discounts, will discuss more at time of budget. Banquet/party expenses included expenses from award flags, which should be part of race fees. About $8000 in true expenses for the banquet. Trans carried us this year in terms of profit, will not have that next year. Fred and Jim will meet to discuss the 2016 budget.
    1. A.Motion to approve treasurers report - Keith Stauber, 2nd David Turnham
  3. DSSA Contribution - Dale Hedke emailed asking for a contribution of $1500 for DSSA for 2016. Fred requested a review of their financials. Someone from DSSA will be at our February meeting where we can discuss further. Amy mentioned again the offer of items vs a dollar amount. Will discuss in February.
  4. Race Committee - Reviewed draft revised PHRF ratings review/ process. Would like to go to a ratings certificate model which would require complete listing of equipment and configuration to set a benchmark for each boat. New filings would occur when a modification takes place. A new unrated boat would use an initial weighted average, and then after data is collected we would do a review of those ratings, just as we would for other boats. Ratings for custom boats would require a different analysis, will include specifics in the final version. This would be a self-certify, on the honor system. How do we enforce the process/appeals process - do we want to deal with enforcement or the issues that will come up when ratings are reviewed? Wondering what brought on this review on the current system? Current process said nothing about what the RC would do as far as reviews of ratings; this is taking our existing process and adding some more structure to it. Brian mentioned last year an analysis of the fleet was done. There was also a review done in 2008-2009. Brian will get documentation to Jeremy. Lengthy discussion on Local vs LMPHRF ratings, clearly there are benefits to both options. Race committee will review the draft process, take into account discussion and input and present a final recommendation.
  5. Social - Traveling Happy hours, different locations every Wednesday. Full day seminar for weather, may cost about $1200 for speaker including travel, looking at a March timeframe at the Kitch. 1/2 day discussion on local conditions (panel discussions), over breakfast with a moderator. May look at another option for promoting sailing (similar to sail and ales). Jeremy is willing to do a presentation on AC design. Market all of these to non-racing sailors as well as (marinas etc) as this is information that pertains to cruising as well as racing.
  6. Membership - Steve wants to be transparent over ratings, new name etc. with members this year. Would like to hold some kind of general membership party, town hall meeting style to be able to discuss what happened and what we are going to do about it going forward. Bring in community involvement, fundraiser etc., could partner with what Rob is doing. Would be fun to hold a flotilla during the summer, reach out to non-racing community. Mentioned the need for participation at board meetings from social/ media aspects.
  7. Website - Website is temporarily up, looking for feedback. Will not be static, will be updated regularly, and will have pertinent feeds (ISAF etc.), may look at making the gallery more artistic, hold awards etc, or could just be a place for all photos.
  8. Clubhouse - Bonding bill will be introduced on March 8th. DBC appropriated $3k in matched funds with DAA for dredge samples. All looks good. Ran into issue with the city regarding the DSSA site located on a piece of land covered by LAWCON. May not be able to include both sites in one lease, which would allow us to move forward with a lease on 13th street. More meetings with the city to come.
  9. New Business - February meeting will be held at Green Mill.
  10. Motion to Adjourn - Dave Johnson, 2nd Steve Henry.


Duluth Keel Club Meeting 12/14/15

Grandmas Sand Bar

Meeting called to order at 6:03 pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, Steve Henry, Keith Stauber, Larry Mariette, Tim Traynor, David Turnham,  Paul Danielson, Jason Worsfold, Amy Marincel, Brian Shelton, Allen Thomas, Dave Johnson, Jim Welinski, Fred Dudderar

Approval of Agenda - no new items

  1. Approval of Minutes - minutes from 11/13/15
    1. Motion to approve minutes - Keith Stauber 2nd Amy Marincel.
  2. Treasurers Report - Went through and added all information from January 2015 - present. Based on this information we can easily come up with a budget. Once budget is approved, new system will allow a budget analysis instantaneously. Jim ran the numbers while we were discussing the 4.9% fee from Zap, and at this point, we would be covered based on our profits on race fees from last year. Jim mentioned that we spent about $1800 on shrink-wrap and storage for the committee boat, Jim says that Ship Shape would be able to make a cover for $500-600, and if someone would be willing to host the committee boat for the winter we could save about $1300. Created an expense reimbursement form, will distribute to board. Asking that whenever someone has an expense that they fill out the form and attach receipts to submit to Jim. Has seen a lot of income coming from Trans merchandise, was not expected. Should look at the possibility of treating this like a small business, should look at ways of improving income. Merchandise seems like a a good income maker. Because our Revenue was above $50,000, we will be filing an informational return in May.
    1. Motion to approve treasurers report - Dave Johnson, 2nd David Turnham
  3. Race Committee - Have set schedule for next year, working on nailing fee structire. Provided proposal. A la cart per series has changed, all $110 each for simplicity. Set fee schedule for individual races, minus Duluth to Bayfield ($50 separate fee). Tiered pricing effective May 15th. Hoping to encourage people to pay early. Price for Duluth to Bayfield is based on historic fees, helps support pre-race social and pre-race breakfast. May 15th was chosen to be after the obligatory skippers meeting. May 18th is the first race. Paid boats will be posted on the website. Online payment is the key to make this succeed. Transparent, instantaneous etc. Need to get a new representative for Jib and Main as Larry has resigned. Tim Traynor will replace him. Scoring will be unchanged from last year. Boats will not be entered into scoring mid-series, will be sure to welcome all boats with open arms, but remain with our decided rule. Need to be proactive with reaching out to remind owners that are known offenders. Discussion on opinions on scoring differently on weekends (number registered vs. boats that race plus one) and Wednesday nights for boats that join mid-series. Several situations could occur, and to make a compromise that makes the most sense race committee’s decision will stand.
    1. Motion to accept Race fees. Larry Mariette, 2nd Keith Stauber
  4. Membership - Tiered pricing will be in effect for this as well, date for increase is after March 31st. Price after March 31st will be the same as last year, so early bird price will be cheaper than last years fees. Date was decided for potential for information to be in the leading edge. Discussion about the age limit on family memberships.

A. Motion to accept membership fees and adding a cut-off age of 21 for kids under a family membership - Fred Dudderar, 2nd Keith Stauber

  1. Website - will be utilizing online payments through Zap events for both Race and Membership fees. Will simplify things as well as making things transparent. Information will be available on the website keeping privacy in mind. Zap events charges an additional 4.9% per transaction, Fred proposes we absorb that price at the club level instead of increasing fees. Approximate cost to the club will be between $900-$1000. Worth the price for simplicity it offers as well as the number of man hours reduced. New website should be up and running first week in January. Will be preserving old domain names in the event we want to use them. 
  2. Assumed Name - MN non-profit DYC will be administratively dissolved January 1st 2016. MN secretary of State will bookmark the name for a 12 month period. After that timeframe, it will become available for anyone to use (January 1st 2017). Discussion on Keel Club vs. Yacht Club. Need to have talking points available. Will send out an e-mail and roll out information on website. Will need to follow up with Facebook and gmail accounts.

A. Motion to operate during 2016 as the Duluth Keel Club. - David Turnham, 2nd Brian Shelton.

  1. Clubhouse - Not much going on. Postponing communication with Emily Larson until after the 1st of the year.
  2. Social - Jamie Kumbera and Kelly Hoenig are working on a winter social/educational calendar. Dave Johnson met with manager of Pier B Resort and Restaurant. Will be a very boating-centric facility. Has expressed an interest in sponsoring our summer regatta. Details are still unknown. May look at it as a possible site for meetings etc. Amy also spoke with them briefly about hosting banquets, were very open to possibilities. Looking for people interested in helping out with social/educational side. Stacy has volunteered to assume Newsletter responsibility.
  3. New Business - Agenda and minutes should be available to general membership. Will add approved minutes to newsletter. Should be working on getting out a standard agenda out to membership. Membership chair. Needs to be defined more clearly. More effort and energy should be put forth to gaining new members - 41 family, 21 individual, 48 crew/social, 32 full race fees. Should be fielding and marketing new club members, enhance participation. In terms of where we stand to other yacht clubs and marinas, they are putting out brochures and having monthly socials etc. Steve Henry as vice commodore is our membership chair via bylaws. Steve will put together some action points for January meeting as far as how we can increase.
  4. Motion to Adjourn - Dave Johnson, 2nd David Turnham. 


Duluth Keel Club Meeting 11/9/2015

Grandmas Sand Bar

Meeting called to order at 6:02 pm. Members in attendance - Stacy McKenzie, Krister Mattson, David

Turnham, Amy Marincel, Jason Worsfold, Eric Thomas, Dave Johnson, Jim Welinski, Fred Dudderar, Larry Mariette, Keith Stauber, Steve Henry, Kris Henry.

1. Approval of Agenda - no new items

2. Approval of Minutes - minutes from 10/12/2015

  1. Motion to approve minutes - Keith Stauber, 2nd Amy Marincel.

3. Corporate Matters- Fred brought forward a resolution to clear up corporate records of the company,

Duluth Keel Club. See attached Resolution.

  1. Motion to accept the resolution with a minor change to the word ‘periodically’ in the 4th paragraph to frequently. - Dave Johnson, 2nd Larry Mariette.

4. Treasurer’s Report - Trying to simplify things. Would like to eliminate some accounts, such as the Trans account - drain them dry and let them remain static. Still need to work to create a budget for 2016. What is the fiscal year? Sept. 30 year end. Fred will send a spreadsheet to Jim as a suggestion. Would like to start basing monthly reports on a monthly basis 1-31st etc.

  1. Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report – Keith Stauber, 2nd Dave Johnson

5. Race - Handed out proposed race schedule. Aug 13th race should be a fundraising/charity race. Could be one charity or could we leave it up to each boat to pick their charity to fundraise for, depending on how much money is raised, may look take time off of PHRF etc. This race will be held the same day as summer gala, and mid of the j24 regatta. Proposal to move D-B race to Thursday prior to Around the Islands. Will plan to give it a try and see how it pans out. New site as Knife River to replace two harbors as it provides a better safe harbor, allows for a new social site complete with amenities, looking for new sponsor for the DYC summer regatta to make a big deal of it.

  1. a.Motion to accept proposed race schedule including proposed change to the date of the Duluth to Bayfield race. - Larry Mariette, 2nd Steve Henry.

Planning to use online registration through Zapp Events. Great through race management side of things. Processing fee is $1.90 plus 5%. We plan to absorb the 5%. May look into tiered pricing, pay more if you pay late. May 1st cut-off. Saw a preview of the new website. Will try to continue with Facebook feed for crew needs. Information is open to everyone with the exception of admin type log-ins. Website should be live on the 8th of Jan. Need to decide on our name by our December meeting.

6.  Website - Boat club is locked down because we need to give domain rights back to them. Fred will see what he can do. Jan 8th, this is going away, need to give appropriate parties notice and rights.

7. Clubhouse – Duluth Boat club has been attending several meetings: Meeting with Duluth Youth Charter group - networking event with likeminded groups trying to get youth outdoors. Our bonding info has been on the news following the meeting with Roger Reinhart at Glensheen. Upcoming meeting with DAA, need to get borings from Chad from AMI to ensure the airport project would be able to use our dredge material.

8.  PHRF – Need to look at the option of just using LMPHRF vs. our local rating system, will do PHRFs for every boat for $25. Need to have further discussion.

Motion to Adjourn – Dave Johnson, 2nd Stacy McKenzie

Additional Items: Need to move lawnmower to Keith Stauber’s to free up Matt Ruona’s space. Newsletter - Alex Gutterman may be interested in taking over. Kyle is a cartoonist, may be fun to add to newsletter.

See next page for attatchment.

Submitted by Stacy McKenzie on 11/10/15

Attachment 1: Resolution



Whereas, on December 20, 1976, the Duluth Keel Club, Inc. (“the Company”) was formed as a Minnesota nonprofit corporation under Minnesota Statutes 317A by the filing of Articles of Incorporation with the Minnesota Secretary of State, corporate file number 0-1041, Federal Taxpayer ID No. 41-1515181.; and              

Whereas, the officers of the Company have periodically filed documents with the Internal Revenue Service, including, but not limited to, IRS Form 990-N, as necessary to maintain the tax-exempt status of the Company; and

Whereas, the primary assets of the Company, including, but not limited to, Morgan Stanley Investment Account #021-108096-001, as well as the Company’s Committee Boat, have at all times been held in the name of Duluth Keel Club, and it has at all times been the intent of the members of the Board of Directors and the officers of the Company that the assets of the Company be held in the name of the Duluth Keel Club; and

Whereas, since the incorporation of the Company, it has been the intent and understanding of the Company's Board of Directors and officers that the business and affairs of the Company were to be conducted under both the legal name of the Company, i.e., Duluth Keel Club, and periodically under the assumed name "Duluth Yacht Club"; and

Whereas, it has been discovered that no assumed or fictitious name filing has ever been made by the Company with the Minnesota Secretary of State for the purpose of identifying the Company's use of the assumed name "Duluth Yacht Club," and that some confusion has arisen as result of the incorporation of a separate Minnesota non-profit corporation with the legal name "Duluth Yacht Club," on March 28, 1989, corporate file number 1D-336, Federal Taxpayer ID No. 41-1722695; and

Now, therefore, it is HEREBY RESOLVED that, in order to clarify the corporate records of the Company and avoid further confusion, all corporate records of the Company, including, but not limited to, the name of the Company denominated in minutes, notices and bylaws, are hereby corrected and shall in all instances be deemed a reference to the legal name of the Company, i.e., Duluth Keel Club; and

Now, therefore, it is HEREBY FURTHER RESOLVED that, prospectively, the business and affairs of the Company shall be conducted under the legal name of the Company, i.e., Duluth Keel Club, except for any assumed name which may hereafter be designated by the Board of Directors of the Company and properly filed pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, and except for or future any change in the legal name of the Company approved by the Company's membership in accordance with future amendments to the Company's bylaws.